Lemon Skunk (Cannabis review)

Grower: Urban Fields

Lab results: 22.32% THC, 0.86% CBD

Price: $ 12 a gram

I have a confession to make: I like rain.

Living in droughty New Mexico for 17 years will do that – and give you a whole new appreciation for the bounty of water and green that’s so abundant here in the Pacific Northwest.

But the winter dark? That’s a whole different kind of pain.

I’ve tried using a sun lamp on my desk and stringing Christmas lights across my wall in an attempt to fight our region’s annual trial-by-foggy-darkness. So far I’ve had mixed results, but at least my wall looks bright and colorful.

Now that recreational cannabis is legal, though, I have a new tool to add to my winter arsenal: Happy weed.

Fun with terpenes:

I picked this strain up on my first visit to Ascend, a Northeast Portland dispensary recommended by a cannabis enthusiast friend.

I asked the budtender for something on the uplifting side and he suggested both Lemon Skunk and Jilly Bean from Urban Fields, a Portland indoor grower. I picked up a few grams of each.

Both strains were as happy as advertised, but I decided to review the Lemon Skunk because it worked best on me.

Lemon Skunk, a descendant of the Skunk #1 strain, is chock full of a terpene called limonene, which on the medical side has been used for stress relief, elevated mood and to improve digestive issues. It’s like my perfect trifecta of uplifting, helpful goodies.

So what are terpenes? They’re organic chemicals that give plants – not just cannabis – their signature smell. Terpenes are commonly used in aromatherapy and essential oils. There are more than 100 different types present in cannabis. The more common ones include limonene, pinene, which smells like pine, linalool, which smells like lavender, and myrcene, which smells like cloves or citrus.

One of my grower friends once told me that taking a big whiff of your cannabis buds prior to smoking helps the terpenes further influence the tone of your high.

I can’t say whether that’s true, or not for everyone, but personally I find it enhances my gourmet experience. Either way it can’t hurt. So if you’re curious, by all means give it a try next time.

The experience:

My first comment, almost right out of the smoke-filled-gate, was “wow, this really is happy weed – great mood adjuster.”

The Lemon Skunk packs a good wallop, coming on strong in the first five minutes and continuing to build for about the first 10.

If you’re relatively new to cannabis, you might want to go easy on this bad boy. It’s strong and spacey and will knock you into your chair if you’re not careful.

One small hit will do you just fine. Trust me. Too much can make the high a little on the fragmented and unfocused side, which I personally don’t like. At the proper dose, the high is wonderfully soothing.

You really can’t beat the cheerful, creative and silly mood that comes with this powerful head and body strain. It made me feel like I’d been sitting in the sun for several hours and really took the teeth out of my winter doldrums.

The body tingles are also great, spreading muscle relaxation from the bottoms of my feet through my mid and upper back and into my cheeks and forehead. This is what I often call a backrub-ish strain. It feels especially good on those old achy injuries.

Looks and jar appeal:

I’m impressed with Urban Fields products so far. The Lemon Skunk buds (and the Jilly Bean buds for that matter) are beautifully trimmed and almost all pure flower with no leaf.

Tendrils of yellowish-orange hairs weave through the dense bud material, which is dry enough to smoke but not brittle like some flower can get.

Basically it grinds well, it smells fantastic (yes, lemon and skunk actually do smell pretty good together) and it burns cleanly and smoothly. What more could you ask?

Final thoughts:

Another tip I once got from one of my grower friends is to look at the color of your ash after you smoke. Pure white ash indicates the weed is clean and high quality. Grayer ash can indicate poor quality and possibly the use of pesticides or other chemicals.

Needless to say, the ash from these Urban Fields buds was a beautiful white and the smoke was smooth and easy.

It was also good social cannabis. After it propped up my mood, I found myself happily texting and giggling with one of my close friends for the better part of an hour.

Cannabis often makes me anti-social, so I like to take note of the strains that help bring me out of my introverted shell.

I’d absolutely pick this strain up again – and I’d love to try some more varieties from this grower. If you try it, feel free to email me. I’d love to hear what you thought of it.

Sue Vorenberg can be reached at sue@cannabisdailyrecord.com and on Twitter at @cannabisrecord

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