Maui Bubble Gift (Cannabis review)

Grower: Chris Fruhling

Lab results: 9.97% THC and 11.36% CBD.

Price: $ 15 a gram, $ 300 an ounce

The product

This is your grandmother’s weed — and I love it. Maui Bubble Gift is a strain of flower that would be at home in any adult’s medicine cabinet.

Cannabis has been evolving steadily since the 60s, and we are the beneficiaries. Most developments have involved breeding plants that produce increasingly strong highs, but Maui Bubble Gift is refreshingly different. 

An Indica/Sativa hybrid, Maui Bubble Gift is a blend of three classic strains — Maui Wowie, Bubble Gum, and God’s Gift — creating a perfect balance of the two primary cannabinoids, THC and CBD. THC is the prime psychoactive component in marijuana while CBD is a key medical component that treats a range of symptoms from inflammation to seizures. Generally containing less than 10% THC, this relatively low THC-content is similar to what Baby Boomers will remember from college; THC-centric strains today generally have 15-25%+ THC.

Unlike weed from the 1970’s, Maui Bubble Gift has between 10-14% CBD. When combined, the THC and CBD produce a relaxing, mild high that will soothe minor aches and illnesses. Maui Bubble Gift was the first CBD strain I tried, and it is still one of my favorites.

The experience

The CBD to THC ratio produces a warm, euphoric high mellow enough to smoke in the morning without worrying about derailing your day. There is a potency range even within this strain- the lower the THC level, generally the more mild the high. Maui Bubble Gift is the ideal smoke for a morning after a little too much drinking, or to ease sore and stiff muscles after a workout. MBG is one of my favorite-smelling flowers, like late-summer grass with a hint of bubblegum, and it smokes smoothly with a clean, pleasing floral and hay taste.

The conclusion

Maui Bubble Gift is a terrific introduction to weed for marijuana novices, especially senior citizens, offering an intimidation-free experience with a mild high that will make you feel good.

It is also the perfect strain for recreational users who are curious about the medical side. The psychoactive effects of the THC are tempered by the CBD, so it is a good flower for people who tend to get anxious or paranoid when they smoke. Pop it in your medicine cabinet and give it a try the next time you have indigestion, muscle aches, or just need some help relaxing.

Alison Gary can be reached at and on Twitter at @TheCBDiva

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