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Channel+ x10 (Medical Seeds)

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Indoor vegetative period: 2 to 3 weeks.
Indoor flowering period: Very fast, 45 to 50 days.
Indoor production (per m2): 600 grams or plus.
Outdoor height: 3 m.
Outdoor flowering period: Late September.
Outdoor production: Very high, occasionally more than 1 kg.
THC: 15% to 20%.
CBD: Very high.
Genetics: Highly potent Indica, with a Skunk touch.

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Enormous aroma and amazing bouquet, perfect for SCROG cultivation. It grows up like a Sativa, thin and without many leaves. When flowering it grows taller but keeps a compact shape, as an Indica. Very fast {45 to 50 days}, and suitable for all kind of growers and growing systems. Brilliant as a mother due to the fast-rooting clones it produces. Extraordinary mental effect and also a very pleasant physical one, since its high THC and CBD percentage.




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