Deep Purple x10 (TGA Subcool)

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  • Phenotypes: Look for the short Indica Dom females with Purple tinge
    * Height: Short and stocky slow to grow upwards
    * Yield: Medium
    * Indoor/Outdoor
    * Sativa/Indica: 20/80
    * Best Way to Grow: Long veg and remove some shade leaves to allow light under
    * Harvest Window: 50-60 days
    * Purple Urkle X Purple Querkle Male
    * High type: Calming and relaxing and very fun to smoke
    * Taste like Grape sno cones
    * It was named after the Band not because of the coloring

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This strain was created to lock down more of the Urkle dominant traits and bring out more of the musty grape taste that Urkle is famous for.

The strain produces a wide range of female plants and not all of them will exhibit colors at all. The ones that due however are highly sought after and several people consider there Purple Grape females among


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