Jack the Ripper x5 (TGA Subcool)

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  • Phenotypes: Moderately stable with heavy Jacks Cleaner traits.
    * Height: Tall with long stretch/ Colas swell late
    * Yield: Medium / Moderate trim work
    * Indoor / Outdoor
    * Best way to grow: Topped and placed in bud early due to stretch.
    * Harvest Window: 8-10 weeks
    * Sativa/Indica: 80/20
    * Hybrid: Pluton X Purple Haze X Lambsbread X NL X Jack Herer X Romulan X Cindy99BCGA
    * High type: Intense, trippy, visual, phase shifting, increased heart rate, heavy crash increased appetite, pain relief, paranoia
    * Lemon mango pine hash / Taste like lemon hash
    * 100% Full melt extreme potencyone

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As good as JC bx was, I learned a lot in 6 years breeding and growing almost full time and I was confident I could find a better male using patterns to find the recessive drug traits. So instead of continuing a cube I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the outcross I decided to start again using two different lines to establish the best. JTR is the first outcross to be completed using a Spacequeen male; the second will be a Cindy99 outcross. The goal here is to establish the best possible outcross to cube back to JCf1. The cool part is the outcrosses are sometimes better than the parent strains, I feel this is the case with JTR. The Lemon tart of JC has combined with the candy mango flavor of the Spacequeen to create a resinous marvel. Maintaining JC’s heavy structure and potency the female dominated this cross with the exception of adding some sweet mango flavor and smoothing out JC’s harsh toke. I will be doing my best to enter this strain in the 2006 Cannabis Cup.

(source: http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Jack_the_Ripper/TGA_Subcool_Seeds/)

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