Qleaner x5 (TGA Subcool)

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  • Phenotypes: Large heavy super resinous females
    * Height: Tall spear shaped Cola’s
    * Yield: Medium to heavy
    * Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
    * Sativa/Indica: 60/40
    * Best way to grow: The plant grows very fast in soil and super fast in Hydro.
    * Harvest Window: 60-70 Days
    * Hybrid: Jacks Cleaner f1 X Purple Urkle X Space Queen
    * High type: Very spacey and strong it seems to impress even the seasoned pot snob
    * Smells: Variations include Grape and banana smelling females

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TGA are very happy with the stability of the strain, the heavy resin production, and the amazing smell and taste they created in this hybrid. The fact that the strain goes purple in the right conditions just adds to its mystique.

(source: http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Qleaner/TGA_Subcool_Seeds/)

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