Qush x10 (TGA Subcool)

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  • Height: Stocky and robust with nice support branching and large round flower formations
    Yield: Large poodle style flowers with medium density, chunky and fat buds. Even smaller plants produce higher than average weight
    Indoor and Outdoor
    Best way to grow: Plant naturally stays short and is easy to train into a dense canopy. Increase veg times for higher yields
    Harvest: 55-60 days
    Sat/Ind: 30/70
    Hybrid: Bubba Kush Pre-98 x Space Queen

    High Type: Stoney and relaxing, only a few hits bring on an overall calmness. Strong but does not cause anxiety or nervousness. Times seems to slow but the imagination soars and you find yourself lost in self reflection.

    Taste: Grape, cherry, kush, hash, Sweet Tarts, rotten pineapple, sour. Secondary smells are coffee, toffee, caramel, spicy and garlic.

    The best female variety has pink and purple tinged resin rails.

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Just imagine the smell of kush combined with the candy flavoring of Sweet Tarts. Improved yields and hybrid vigor came along in this compact but high yielding hybrid called Qush. Short and compact it’s an unmistakably kush. The only variance is a slight difference in the fruit smell, some cherry, some grape and some citrus. It’s a stocky and robust plant with nice support branching and large round flower formations.

(source: http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Qleaner/TGA_Subcool_Seeds/)

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