The Third Dimension x10 (TGA Subcool)

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  • Phenotypes: The four different phenotypes are all citrusy in smell, with one tall TIMEWRECK dominant variant, one short & stocky ORANGE CREAM SODA dominant variant, and two that fall between those two extremes.

    High Type: Very relaxing and helpful for directing and maintaining focus.

    Taste/Aroma: This has a consistently citrus taste that is strongly reminiscent of oranges.
    May be helpful for: Anxiety, ADHD, depression, pain relief, nausea and difficulties related to chemo
    and radiation therapies.

    Height: Tall
    Yield: Very Heavy
    Harvest: 63-70 days
    Sat/Ind: 75/25
    Hybrid: Orange Cream Soda X Timewreck

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This 3 way cross of ‘super elites’ is TGA fastest maturing hybrid. It has a tropical flavors range from coconuts, pineapples, kiwi and fruit punch. Although this strain finishes very fast but does not lack in potency. The added boost of Jack’s Cleaner seems to really boost up the Sativa influence but the buzz is still very calming and relaxing with a nice mix of the three THC profiles present.


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