Vortex x10 (TGA Subcool)

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  • Phenotypes: Large variation with phenotypes like both parent strains
    Height: TShort, vine like, weak stems, long internodal spacing
    Yield: Medium / Very hard to trim
    Location: Indoor Only
    Best Way To Grow: Wide sagging bush with hundreds of bud sites. Lots of stakes and string
    Harvest Window : 45-55 days
    Sativa/Indica: 80/20
    Hybrid: Apollo-13 x Space Queen
    High: heart racing, energizing, confusing, stoned, ripped curled under, stupidity
    Smell: Mango Snapple with lemon/ Taste like sweetened lemonade
    Notes: Very unique Cindy like plant with a bizarre twist, very potentone

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Each parent have similar pungent, rotten fruit, baby poo smells. Each carries heavy potency and copious amounts of resins. This combination of Cannabis Freaks won’t win any vigor or yield awards but for serious collectors of recessives this is a must have.

Expect weird mutations and incredibly sticky freaks of nature. This hybrid tends to grow like a vine and need serious tending to achieve decent yields. Subcool yielded just over 4 Ounces in soil using lots of plant bondage and training.

This strain is offered mainly to collectors who have experienced the high or unique smell of either parent. This is not a strain for someone new to indoor growing or large scale grows looking for big production. It is a strain that with luck you can find a once in a lifetime mom for head stash. Brothers Grimm meet Vic High in a genetic soup that is one for the history books. Look for colas to dreadlock out and almost appear seeded they swell so full.

(source: http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Vortex/TGA_Subcool_Seeds/)

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